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INSTITUTE INDEX: Police use tear gas banned from war on protesters at home

Sue Sturgis

As people took to the streets nationwide to condemn last week's Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd, they were met in many places by tear gas, which is banned from use in war but still deployed domestically by police for crowd control. The tear gas canisters fired in recent protests in Minneapolis and many other cities were made by Florida-based Safariland, whose products have also been controversially used against asylum seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Friday dogblogging: Commonly used pesticides present serious health risks for dogs and people

Sue Sturgis
One of my dogs recently had her regular check-up at our veterinarian's office, where despite my oft-stated concerns over pesticide safety I was convinced to buy an expensive product to keep fleas, ticks and mosquitoes at bay during this exceptionally buggy summer. It's perfectly safe, the doctor assured me.

FEMA seeks immunity from Katrina toxic trailer suits while failing to come up with disaster housing alternatives

Sue Sturgis
The Federal Emergency Management Agency yesterday asked a federal judge to dismiss it from lawsuits filed over the formaldehyde-contaminated trailers provided to families displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

Miracle Vine

Gary Ashwill
So it seems that the answer to the epidemic of binge-drinking among teenagers and college kids is, literally, all around us, at least if you live in the South.