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Book Fridays: the struggle for labor rights

August 8, 2008 - Facing South's bi-weekly listing features new books about the U.S. South and books written by Southern writers. Covering for the Bosses: Labor and the Southern Press by Joseph B. Atkins, 280 pages, University Press of Mississippi (July 2008)

Farmworkers win victory with Burger King

May 23, 2008 - The Florida-based Coalition of Immokalee Workers have emerged victorious in their campaign demanding that Burger King boost wages and improve working conditions for thousands of farm

Workplace Safety in the South

By R. Neal
September 4, 2007 - According to an extensive AFL-CIO report on workplace safety, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded 5,734 workplace fatalities in 2005.

Some state pension funds seriously underfunded

By R. Neal
June 28, 2007 - A recent article in the Mississippi Sun Herald highlights a growing crisis among state employee pension funds, particularly in Mississippi where the state's pension fund is $6 billion short.