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Investigative Series: Coal's Dirty Secret

June 4, 2010 - MAY/JUNE 2010 | Coal ash is the country's second-biggest source of industrial waste and full of arsenic, lead and other toxins -- yet it's routinely dumped near communities with little publicity and few rules. In a week-long investigation, Facing South looks at the growing problem of coal ash and the looming battle in Washington over regulation.

The real Enron story

April 24, 2006 - I know that scandals are a dime a dozen now, but why is the Enron trial getting so little play? Ken Lay and Peter Skilling, who matchlessly meshed political power and greed, are charged with causing untold hardship to millions of people -- consumers, investors, and the political process.

...But They'll Be Back

May 11, 2005 - In what is becoming a theme for the day, Florida business interests tried to push a package of tort "reform" measures through the state legislature, but only got a fraction of what they wanted this session.

The War on Government

April 27, 2005 - Rolling Stone magazine (home of Southern Exposure's former editor and ace investigative reporter, Eric Bates) has a story up about the admi