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VOICES: EPA's proposed coal ash rule change would leave a 'mell of a hess'

Dink NeSmith

This week the Environmental Protection Agency held a public hearing in Virginia on a proposal to roll back federal coal ash regulation. Among those who weighed in was a newspaperman from a rural Georgia community that's been targeted for coal ash dumping.

INSTITUTE INDEX: Fighting N.C. Gov. Cooper's 'environmental justice atrocity'

Sue Sturgis

The proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline has secured a key permit from the Cooper administration, but opponents are keeping up the fight against the project, which would have a dramatically disproportionate impact on low-income and non-white communities.

INSTITUTE INDEX: The overblown job creation claims for expanded offshore drilling

Sue Sturgis

The Trump administration is reviewing President Obama's five-year plan that closed the Atlantic and other waters to offshore drilling through 2022. The GOP says Atlantic drilling would create hundreds of thousands of jobs, but it's basing the claims on an industry-funded report that's been debunked for omitting crucial data.

Southern communities brace for the impact of Big Oil's expansion plans

Sue Sturgis

President Trump is cheering Exxon Mobil's plans for a $20 billion expansion along the Gulf Coast. But what will that mean for the people who have to live with the pollution given Trump's other plans to gut the EPA and close its environmental justice office?

INSTITUTE INDEX: The Colonial Pipeline Co.'s long history of environmental disasters

Sue Sturgis

A spill from the Colonial Pipeline in Alabama threatens the Cahaba River, which provides drinking water for over a million people and is the sole home for 13 species. The spill is the latest disaster for which the Georgia-based company, owned in part by units of Koch Industries and Royal Dutch Shell, has paid millions in fines.