Who is watching the elections?

When people in the South have stood up for voting rights and clean elections, Facing South has been there to bring you the story. Please consider supporting our work. (Photo by Sue Sturgis/Facing South.)

Dear Facing South reader,

The elections are just weeks away. Millions of dollars are flooding in for TV attack ads. And millions of people are ready to cast votes in crucial races across the South and country.

But who's watching the money? And who's watching the vote?

You know we are at Facing South and the Institute for Southern Studies.

Just last week, we exposed how the Koch-backed group Americans for Prosperity has been mailing false information to voters -- not only in North Carolina, but around the country.

It was an example of what we do best: deliver fearless, hard-hitting reporting about the South you can't find anywhere else.

And today, I am asking you to support our award-winning journalism to promote fair and transparent elections across the South.

Right now, our investigative team is getting ready to ramp up our coverage of voting rights and Big Money in the South. We are monitoring key elections in Southern states, reporting on problems voters are facing and the dangerous impact of new voting laws.

And we will be tracking the campaign cash pouring into big races -- much of it from shadowy outside groups -- at the federal and state level.

Since our founding by civil rights veterans, you and thousands of readers have come to count on the Institute to stay informed and work for change.

And we count on you, our friends and readers, to make this important work possible.

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