Carmen Taffolla

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Carmen Tafolla is the author of To Split a Human: Mitos, Machos, y la Mujer Chicana on Chicanas, racism, and sexism, published by the Mexican American Cultural Heritage Center of the Dallas Independent School District. (1986)

Carmen Tafolla is a well-known chicana poet and bilingual educator and native of San Antonio. She has had seven screenplays produced for bilingual television and is now working on two high school textbooks on the chicana woman. She is vice-president of Creative Educational Enterprises in Austin, Texas. Books by and about Mexican- Americans - their literature, culture, social conditions, politics and so forth - are distributed by Relampago Books. Begun a couple of years ago by Juan and Petra Rodriguez and operated out of their home, Relampago stocks about 200 titles, 85 percent of them the products of small, independent presses. Write them at 601 Arbor Circle, Austin, Texas 78745. (1981)

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