Defend democracy in the South.


Belated Regrets Dept.

June 14, 2005 - The U.S. Senate has apologized for not passing anti-lynching legislation when it was really needed -- say, 70, 80, 90 years ago, when some of the 4700 lives that were taken in lynchings across the country might have been saved.

War Profiteers Come Back For More

June 13, 2005 - The scandal-ridden military contractors now in Iraq may have proved less than reliable in doing the jobs for which they have received billions of dollars in taxpayer money, but they have shown an indomitable spirit and resolve in the pursuit of one goal: profiting as much as possible from the death and destruction of war.

Rep. Jones' Change of Heart

June 13, 2005 - Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) -- the conservative congressman who earlier this month voiced his reservations about the Iraq war -- is now turning his anti-war crusade up a notch.