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A Climate for Cross-Burnings

May 27, 2005 - I made a brief stop at vigil in downtown Durham, site of one of the three cross-burnings that scarred our city Wednesday night (couldn't stay long, the kids were really cranky). Somehow I missed Pam Spaulding, who was also there and gives a good run-down on the vigils here.

Race and Basketball

May 26, 2005 - Continuing with the theme of atavistic racist behavior: this goes back a few years, but Rex Chapman, one-time "Boy King of Kentucky," has recently been giving interviews about some

Cross Burnings in Durham

May 26, 2005 - Sometimes, despite everything you think you know about progress, human decency, the New South, and all that, the history we so often want to forget slouches rudely into the open. Last night, for the first time in recent memory, the Institute's hometown, Durham, North Carolina, was the site of three cross-burnings.