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ALEC staggers but will it fall?

June 1, 2012 - The campaign calling on companies to sever ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council is one of the most successful corporate accountability initiatives in history, but it now faces the challenge of persuading those unfazed by consumer unrest.

Companies flee from backing right-wing advocacy group

April 12, 2012 - At least five major companies and one charitable foundation have pulled support for the American Legislative Exchange Council, a corporate-backed advocacy group in state legislatures, after a growing campaign links the group to voter ID and "Stand Your Ground" gun laws.

Coca-Cola settles lawsuit over stock manipulation charges

July 8, 2008 - Coca-Cola has agreed to pay $137.5 million to settle a shareholder lawsuit charging officials at the Atlanta-based company with misrepresenting or omitting information from public statements, causing artificial inflation of stock prices. The plaintiffs in the class-action suit were led by two union pension funds: the Carpenters Health & Welfare Fund of Philadelphia, which held about $80 million in company stock at the time of the filing, and and Local 144 Nursing Home Pension Fund, now called 1199 SEIU Greater New York Pension Fund.

Sen. Dorgan takes on the war profiteers

June 21, 2006 - Ammendment 4230, introduced by Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) to establish a "Truman Committee" to oversee military contracts was defeated yesterday. But Sen. Dorgan gave an impassioned speech from the Senate floor about the squandering of billions of taxpayer dollars for military waste and fraud:

How the Right Dominates State Politics

August 9, 2005 - Those who follow state politics are often amazed at how, even in states where progressives have some strength, the conservative right is successful in pushing its agenda. Especially in the South, the right often seems uncannily organized and effective in promoting a core set of legislation, even in the face of broad opposition among the public and other lawmakers.