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dan river coal ash spill

Slander suit against citizens battling Alabama coal ash dump shows downsides of landfill disposal

Sue Sturgis

As pressure grows on power companies to move toxic coal ash out of leaky, wet impoundments and into dry, lined landfills, the experience of an African-American community near one such landfill in rural Alabama highlights the potential problems with that approach.

N.C.'s coal ash-poisoned wells: a harbinger for problems ahead in other states?

Sue Sturgis

North Carolina's carcinogen-contaminated drinking water near Duke Energy's coal ash dumps — and the political fight over what to do about it — should serve as a warning for problems to come in other historically coal-dependent states due to a lack of federal oversight for drinking water and coal ash disposal.

NC's ongoing coal ash regulatory disaster shows urgency of EPA action

Sue Sturgis
Environmental advocates announced they discovered a coal ash leak into North Carolina's Yadkin River from a Duke Energy power plant just days before 60 Minutes aired a report in which the CEO said her company was "operating safely." Will the EPA finally take tough action to stop the ongoing coal ash disaster in that state and others -- or will that job continue to fall to private watchdogs?

INSTITUTE INDEX: North Carolina's weak new coal ash law draws protest

Sue Sturgis
North Carolina has passed the nation's first state law regulating coal ash, but it's being met with protests for not doing enough to protect public health and the environment -- and for placing oversight in the hands of political appointees in a state where Duke Energy is a major campaign financier.