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Facing South Exclusive: Murder of farmworker leader feared political

April 20, 2007 - On April 9, the tied and beaten body of Santiago Rafael Cruz -- a leader of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee -- was found dead in the union's Mexico-based office in Monterrey. Few leads have turned up, but FLOC President Baldamar Velasquez is convinced Cruz's torture and murder were "a pure political attack" to intimidate workers.

Fla farmworkers lovin' victory in McDonald's campaign

April 18, 2007 - Migrant farmworkers are responsible for putting food on most of our tables, but they remain among our country's most vulnerable groups. Farm laborers endure low pay and dangerous job conditions, while serving as an easy target in times of anti-immigrant backlash.

The small things

May 2, 2006 - One part of the story of today's historic May Day boycott will be the big rallies in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and Orlando -- the third wave of major demonstrations in the last two months for the growing immigrant rights movement.