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From the Archives: Building a new Southern freedom movement

Southern Exposure

A 1988 issue of Southern Exposure magazine, the print forerunner to Facing South, reprinted a visionary address by North Carolina-based organizer Mab Segrest calling for an intersectional Southern gay and lesbian liberation movement. We're republishing it in honor of Pride Month.

THE STAKES 2020: Catherine Coleman Flowers on the environmental justice movement and elections

Rebekah Barber

Across the rural South's Black Belt, the lack of adequate sewage and water infrastructure has created serious public health problems. We spoke with Catherine Coleman Flowers, a longtime environmental justice activist in rural Alabama and the recent recipient of a MacArthur Foundation "genius" grant, about her work to draw attention to the region's intersecting crises and how grassroots activism can impact federal policy. 

Mab Segrest on building a Southern freedom movement for all

Grace Abels

In 1988, Southern Exposure, the print forerunner of Facing South, published a speech by Segrest, a North Carolina anti-racist organizer and lesbian activist, for an issue on lesbians and gays in the South. Segrest went on to write several books, including "Memoir of a Race Traitor," and to teach college in Connecticut. Back in North Carolina again, Segrest recently talked with Facing South about the urgency of broad-based organizing in this historic moment.

VOICES OF RESISTANCE: Centering the needs of Black women in Mississippi

Rebekah Barber

Cassandra Welchlin with the Mississippi Low Income Childcare Initiative and the Mississippi Women's Economic Security Initiative talks about building power for vulnerable people in a hostile environment — and drawing hope from history and her children's future.

Demographics are not destiny: Facing Race considers the future of race in a diversifying America

Allie Yee
A national conference for racial justice advocates held in Dallas last week considered how changing racial demographics present both opportunities and challenges for advancing racial justice in the country and in the South.