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Iraq war

INSTITUTE INDEX: The Iraq War at 10

March 22, 2013 - This week marked the 10th anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. We take a by-the-numbers look at the war's costs, both human and economic, and its heavy toll on the South.

Southern newspapers weigh in on Iraq anniversary

March 19, 2008 - As the Institute has documented again and again, the South is the region most linked to, and most impacted by, the Iraq war and U.S. foreign policy. Southern states provide more of the troops, are home to more bases, and draw more military contracts than any other region of the country.

Latest call-up puts Southern troops on alert

By R. Neal
May 10, 2007 - The Associated Press reports that more than 10,000 soldiers from Fort Campbell Kentucky's 101st Airborne Division are among 35,000 troops put on notice to prepare for deployment to Iraq later this year.

Public supports troop deadline in Iraq

March 27, 2007 - The excellent Pew Center has released a new poll on Iraq, and the results are surprising. The main finding is that the public supports the House plan for withdrawal by August 2008: