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INSTITUTE INDEX: Who's funding the Senate's Sedition Caucus?

Sue Sturgis

The legal, real estate, investment, and oil and gas industries are among those that have contributed the most to the U.S. senators who were part of the effort to overturn the outcome of the presidential election. Among the companies that back spending groups which in turn have supported the Senate's election deniers are Altria Group, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Noble Energy, and Walt Disney. There's growing pressure on companies to reconsider their giving.

Koch Industries tops list of water polluters spending big on politics

Sue Sturgis
With a fight underway in Congress over protecting more U.S. waterways from industrial pollution, Environment America has issued a report looking at the millions of dollars spent on politics each year by polluters. Besides the Kansas-based oil and chemical giant, other big-spending polluters include Southern meat processors and an energy company.

Banking on Boeing

Phil Mattera

The bipartisan decision to extend the life of the Export-Import Bank of the United States -- which some conservatives have derisively dubbed "Boeing's Bank" -- shows that corporatists retain the upper hand in mainstream U.S. politics.