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national institute on money in state politics

INSTITUTE INDEX: Breaking the gun lobby's hold on state politics

Sue Sturgis

While the NRA's contributions to Congress members have been in the spotlight since the Florida school massacre, the group also spends big at the state level — and it's not the only pro-gun group doing so. But the gun lobby doesn't always get what it wants, and pro-gun control interests have dramatically stepped up spending in recent years.

Bigger campaign contributions correlate with more wins for law firms at NC Supreme Court

Sue Sturgis
A study by the Center for American Progress looked at the success rates of law firms arguing cases before North Carolina's highest court and compared them to the firms' contributions to justices' campaigns. The findings underscore concerns about impartiality in a court system flooded in political money since the end of the state's public financing program for judicial races.

NC judicial candidates set to spend record sums to get elected

Alex Kotch
A Facing South analysis finds that candidates for the North Carolina Supreme Court and Court of Appeals are set to spend record sums on campaign ads in the coming weeks. The election will be the first in a decade without the state's public financing program for judges, and special-interest money is pouring in.

Petro powerhouse Koch Industries boosts investments in North Carolina politics

Sue Sturgis
The Kansas-based oil and chemical conglomerate headed by billionaire financiers of the anti-regulatory right has dramatically increased its contributions to North Carolina politics as the state grapples with fracking and other key energy issues.