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North Carolina nurses stand on the brink of a historic labor victory

Jonathan Michels

The organizing drive at HCA Healthcare's Mission Hospital in Asheville is National Nurses United's largest labor campaign ever undertaken in a state with a long history of hostility to unions. A win could help shift the power dynamic in North Carolina and the rest of the South.


Mississippi's Howard Industries pays bottom-feeder wages but enjoys plaudits & subsidies

Joe Atkins
The producer of electrical transformers receives tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer support, but a study found a top-line Howard Industries maintenance worker earns just 61 percent of the wages paid a similar worker at another Mississippi transformer manufacturing plant.

UAW vs. Nissan in Mississippi: Operation Dixie revised?

Joe Atkins
When the CIO launched a campaign to organize Southern workers in 1946, the region's elite fought back by exploiting fears about race and communism -- and fear remains the biggest obstacle to organizing today, as the UAW's campaign to unionize Nissan's Canton, Miss. plant shows.