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Peace and Security

Yes, Iraq is in the midst of a civil war

March 21, 2006 - So says Dr. Iyad Allawi, the man the U.S. installed to lead Iraq after the overthrow of Saddam. Patrick Cockburn, reporter for The Independent (London), from Iraq (via CounterPunch)

Custer Battles

March 10, 2006 - Custer Battles, the scandal-plagued Iraq contractor, has been found liable for fraud by a jury in Virginia, where the company is based, reports the Corporate Crime Reporter (no link):

Shameful partisan politics

March 2, 2006 - The progressive blogosphere got all excited yesterday when pollster John Zogby released a shocking survey revealing that 72% of American troops in Iraq think the U.S. should exit with a year.

Selling a forest near you

February 20, 2006 - With the cost of the Iraq war skyrocketing -- and the government hamstrung by massive tax cuts for the rich -- President Bush has come across a quaint way to bring in some spare change: selling off public f

A short history of quagmires, from Florida to Iraq

December 19, 2005 - Bush's address about Iraq last night highlighted his new PR strategy for selling Iraq: in the face of widespread public demoralization about the war, the White House is going to keeping talking about how close we are to "victory" and "winning" the war (a strategy master-minded by

Another GOP stunt backfires

By R. Neal
November 22, 2005 - Posted by R. Neal As more information comes out about the rush to war in Iraq (along with more polls showing that Americans are finally starting to realize they were played), Republicans are in full damage control mode. Click "there's more" to read the rest of the post...

Torture glossary and translation dictionary

By R. Neal
November 22, 2005 - Posted by R. Neal As a follow up to some of the torture related news posted here in the last couple of days, here's a handy guide to help sort out some of the technical terms: Enhanced interrogation techniques: Torture Dietary manipulation: Torture by starvation

Is there a "torture taxi" in your backyard?

November 21, 2005 - This weekend, about 100 protesters descended on the sleepy North Carolina town of Smithfield -- a place that looks sleepy, but which plays a big role in one of the more unseemly sides of U.S. foreign policy.