Defend democracy in the South.

Peace and Security

"Everyone Supports the Troops"

August 22, 2005 - David Sirota points to an important news story in today's Pensacola News Journal -- from the most "Southern" part of Florida (in terms of political culture, not geography).

Post's Hatchet Headline on Camp Casey

August 22, 2005 - With Cindy Sheehan's story refusing to leave the headlines, the Washington spin machine's new line of attack, apparently, is to paint Camp Casey as a cesspool of smelly hippy freaks.

The Looting of Iraq, Cont'd

August 12, 2005 - One of the great underreported stories of the Iraq war is the whole-scale looting of the country's wealth and resources by outside interests. Under the supposedly watchful eye of U.S.

Cindy Sheehan and Vets for Peace in Texas

August 10, 2005 - Progressives are climbing on board the campaign to help Cindy Sheehan, the mother who lost her son Casey Sheehan in Iraq and is camping out next to President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas to demand answers.

What's a Scandal?

July 22, 2005 - What does and doesn't make a political scandal is always fascinating to watch. For the last two generations, the benchmark for public office misdeeds has been Watergate, as evidenced by the fact that "-gate" is attached to every act of malfeasance that comes down the pike.

The Looting of Iraq

July 8, 2005 - Today's Guardian (London) has one of the most damning pieces you'll read about the wholesale looting of billions of dollars in Iraq by U.S. occupation authorities and corporate contractors -- the story almost completely ignored by the U.S.

Army: Halliburton's Billions Not News

July 8, 2005 - I'm not sure which is more dubious: that Halliburton has received another $5 billion contract for logistics support in Iraq, despite being under multiple investigations for fraud, overcharges and abuse -- or that the Army didn't feel move

A Way Out Of Iraq?

July 6, 2005 - Finding a way to end the Iraq war remains one of the biggest question marks on the progressive political landscape. There's a growing realization among progressives that Iraq remains the unsettled issue of the moment -- with the price tag and body count spiraling upward on a daily basis -- yet there's nothing even approaching consensus about what to do about it.