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A look at the first official act of reparations in Georgia

Adina Solomon

In the 1960s, Athens's urban renewal program evicted a Black neighborhood through eminent domain to build dorms for University of Georgia students. In response to displaced families' demands, Athens-Clarke County has set aside money dedicated to public projects of their choosing, a form of reparations for the community that was lost.

Plantations were prisons: Mobilizing for the Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March

Angola 3 News

Law professor Angela A. Allen-Bell of Southern University discusses the connections between slavery and mass incarceration in the context of the planned Aug. 19 march in Washington, D.C. The gathering is calling for the 13th Amendment's enslavement clause to be amended to abolish legalized slavery in prisons.

Reparations and a conversation about America's redemption

Allie Yee
Last week, writer Ta-Nehisi Coates of The Atlantic and several scholars gathered at Duke University to discuss reparations and the moral debt the U.S. owes to African Americans for centuries of oppression. While resistance to reparations is great, the panelists discussed why a serious consideration of them could transform the country.