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INSTITUTE INDEX: The overblown job creation claims for expanded offshore drilling

Sue Sturgis

The Trump administration is reviewing President Obama's five-year plan that closed the Atlantic and other waters to offshore drilling through 2022. The GOP says Atlantic drilling would create hundreds of thousands of jobs, but it's basing the claims on an industry-funded report that's been debunked for omitting crucial data.

DRIVE TO DRILL: The growing resistance to Atlantic oil and gas drilling

Sue Sturgis

Southern governors, working in concert with energy industry lobbyists, are pressing the Obama administration to open ocean waters off the East Coast from Virginia to Georgia to oil and gas development. But a burgeoning grassroots movement bringing together environmentalists, business leaders and coastal residents is gaining momentum as it fights to block drilling in the Atlantic.

Offshore wind beats drilling for jobs and energy in the Southeast

Sue Sturgis
A new report from the conservation advocacy group Oceana finds that developing offshore wind resources along the Atlantic Coast would create twice as many jobs and produce twice as much energy as opening the area to risky oil and gas drilling -- and North Carolina stands to gain the most jobs of all.

The growing fight against oil and gas exploration off the NC coast

Sue Sturgis
Even as Gov. Pat McCrory grapples with the Duke Energy coal ash disaster, he's pushing for another dirty energy interest to have access to the state's waters. While his plan is winning support from the Obama administration, he faces opposition in coastal communities back home.

VOICES: As BP trial begins, Gulf businesses and communities call for ecosystem restoration and economic opportunity

Jeffrey Buchanan
BP could be on the hook for as much as $21 billion in fines for its 2010 Gulf oil spill disaster. An effective investment strategy would address both environmental and economic interests.