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Tennessee health care legislation

By R. Neal
March 7, 2006 - In the wake of Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen essentially dismantling the state's TennCare (Medicaid) program leaving nearly 200,000 people without insurance, state lawmakers have introduced several proposed bills to address the health insurance crisis in Tennessee:  

"I've got friends with low wages"

January 12, 2006 - Last August, country crooner Garth Brooks signed an exclusive deal with Wal-Mart to sell his music only through the chain. American Rights at Work has this hilarious, low-tech flash parody of Garth's hit song.

"Handled very poorly"

December 3, 2005 - That's one way to describe what happened to Reginald Pitts, a black customer who tried to buy materials for his roofing company at a Tampa-area Wal-Mart. Store managers held him for two hours for check forgery, but it took police only 19 minutes to realize he'd done nothing wrong: