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Duke Energy: How not to do decoupling

September 10, 2007 - The Progressive States Network's latest Stateside Dispatch examines the concept of "utility decoupling" -- that is, giving utilities incentives to promote energy efficiency by separating their ability to make a profit from the amount of electricity they sell.

The Katrina Index: Making a living

August 30, 2007 - From the Institute's report, Blueprint for Gulf Renewal: The Katrina Crisis and a Community Agenda for Action, released this week. Economy and Jobs Number of jobs lost in the New Orleans area since Hurricane Katrina: 118,000

Southern states hit hard by sub-prime bust

By R. Neal
August 16, 2007 - As you are probably aware, there is disturbing news in the housing markets as a result of fallout from the sub-prime lending crisis (which anyone who has been following the problem of predatory lending probably saw coming).

The South gets a pay raise

By R. Neal
July 24, 2007 - Thousands of workers in Mississippi got a pay raise today. No, the state did not pass a new minimum wage law. Nor did Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, or Louisiana. Instead, Congress made good on one of their "first 100 hours" pledges, and the new federal minimum wage of $5.85 per hour goes into effect as of today.