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South fares poorly in Kids Count Study

By R. Neal
June 27, 2006 - The Annie E. Casey Foundation's 2006 Kids Count study was released today, and while there are some improvements the findings are not encouraging for the South. The study looks at several indicators of child well-being in every state.

Florida double standard for voucher students

By R. Neal
March 23, 2006 - Florida lawmakers say that 30,000 students attending private schools on taxpayer funded vouchers should not be held to the same FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test) testing requirements as students attending public schools:

Halliburton of the abstinence set

March 23, 2006 - It's not just Halliburton that's raking in big contracts these days. The Washington Post has a revealing story today about far-right, religious organizations that are landing mega-deals under the Bush administration, like Heritage Community Services in Charleston, South Carolina: