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Wal-Mart PR offensive takes a hit

October 26, 2005 - No sooner did I hit "publish" on the previous post about Wal-Mart's highly-publicized list of proposed good deeds -- a new low-cost health plan, a zero-waste environmental policy, supporting a minimum-wage hike -- than I find this story, due to appear in Wednesday's

Letters Dep't

October 20, 2005 - A letter in today's Raleigh News & Observer regarding Rep. Walter Jones, N.C. Republican and Iraq war critic. Apparently there is dissension in the ranks:

Poetry in Motion

October 10, 2005 - When running for political office, some candidates have a campaign slogan: "Reformer with Results" (remember that Bush 2000 goodie?), "Give 'Em Hell Harry." Others have a campaign song: "Right Here, Right Now" was Clinton's ditty in 1992 (presumably not a reference to one of his pick-up lines).