Bill Finger

Southern Exposure Contributor

In 1963, the year Mississippi State faced Loyola in the NCAA, Bill Finger was playing high school basketball in Jackson. He is now a freelance writer in Raleigh, NC, and at work on a book about the players of those historic teams. (1979)

Bill Finger is a writer in Raleigh, NC. (1978)

Bill Finger is the labor editor of Southern Exposure. (1976)

Bill Finger is the Director of the Institute for Southern Studies Textiles Project. He has worked for the North Carolina AFL-CIO and the Southern Oral History Program at the University of North Carolina. (1976)

Bill Finger, a free-lance writer from Chapel Hill, has lived and traveled through the southern mountains since early childhood. He has worked as North Carolina co-ordinator for the AFL-CIO Appalachian Council and is currently on the staff of the Southern Oral History Program of U.N.C. (1974)

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