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Rachell Sanchez-Smith


Rachell is a student journalist at the University of Arkansas and a translator for She is pursuing a double major in journalism and political science with a minor in legal studies. She wrote and served as an editor of the Mountie Spectrum for Rogers High School for nearly three years. Following her 2024 graduation, Sanchez-Smith plans to continue working in journalism and hopes to attend law school.

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George's poultry workers walk out in Arkansas to protest COVID-19 conditions

December 9, 2020 - Employees of a Springdale, Arkansas, processing plant owned by George's, one of the top U.S. chicken producers, are pressing the company to re-implement staggered shifts and make social distancing possible. The walkout, which the workers plan to continue until their demands are met, was the first such action by poultry workers in the state, which leads the nation in poultry production.