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S.C. cleanup results show there's hope after coal ash contamination

Sue Sturgis
Since environmentalists forced a cleanup of coal ash from a SCE&G power plant along South Carolina's Wateree River, test results show a dramatic decrease in groundwater contamination at the site, pointing to what's possible when utilities take responsibility for their pollution. Is North Carolina paying attention?

NC hog farm threatened with citizen lawsuit over water pollution

Sue Sturgis
Since North Carolina regulators have failed to stop hog pollution from flowing into the state's rivers, environmental groups have announced plans to sue a massive hog farm that provides pork for Chinese-owned Smithfield Foods unless it cleans up its act within 90 days.

Environmental groups spur NC legal action against Duke Energy coal ash pollution

Sue Sturgis
Under legal pressure from environmental advocates, North Carolina regulators are seeking court orders to force Duke Energy to clean up groundwater contamination from unlined coal ash storage ponds at power plants near Asheville and Charlotte, where the pollution threatens the region's drinking-water supply.

Lawsuit seeks withheld information about leaking Gulf oil wells

Sue Sturgis
Clean water advocates have filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the U.S. Coast Guard over its refusal to release public records about a chronic leak from Taylor Energy oil wells off the Louisiana coast. Caused by an underwater mudslide during Hurricane Ivan, the spill has been fouling Gulf waters since 2004.