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Damning audit of U.S. poverty fuels new Poor People's Campaign

Rebekah Barber

Armed with a new study documenting the deadly poverty that plagues the U.S., coalitions in at least 40 states — including every state in the South — are preparing for 40 days of direct action to demand an end to public policies that hurt the most vulnerable. 

INSTITUTE INDEX: The urgent need for the New Poor People's Campaign

Sue Sturgis

Amid intensifying wealth inequality and extreme poverty, Bishop William Barber of North Carolina's Moral Movement and other clergy and organizers will kick off a nationwide effort on Dec. 4 to carry on the work of the first Poor People's Campaign, launched on the same date 50 years earlier by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In North Carolina, fast food and Moral Mondays movements build ties

Labor Notes
Organizers of campaigns targeting the policies of North Carolina's legislature and pressing for a $15-an-hour minimum wage for fast food workers take a broad approach to movement building and solidarity -- and provide new reason for hope in the South.

A year in, Moral Monday movement plans new protests, more organizing

Sue Sturgis
Today marks one year since 17 North Carolinians were arrested for nonviolent civil disobedience while protesting the state's hard-right political turn, sparking a movement that led to the arrests of almost 1,000 people and spread to other states. What's next?