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The big money behind the assault against sea level rise science in North Carolina

Sue Sturgis
A controversial bill that would block North Carolina agencies from considering the science of sea level rise in making planning decisions has gotten a lot of national attention -- but what hasn't gotten much scrutiny are the powerful development interests behind the legislation.

Advocates draw voting wars to a stalemate in key Southern states

Chris Kromm
A year ago, it looked like the war over voting was a once-sided rout for lawmakers pushing photo ID and other new voting restrictions. But through organizing and litigation, voting rights advocates have forced a draw in key Southern states -- and in some cases, scored big victories.

Are taxpayers helping support the Kochs' and Art Pope's attack ads?

Chris Kromm

Right-wing donors like the Koch brothers and Art Pope rail against the use of public money to level the campaign finance playing field. But their use of nonprofit charities -- which benefit from government subsidies -- for political activities is coming under growing scrutiny.