Defend democracy in the South.

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Defending the voting rights of black students in Texas and North Carolina

Brentin Mock
With events underway to commemorate a historic march for voting rights, legal battles are unfolding in Texas and North Carolina to defend students' right to vote and run for office, with students at historically black colleges and universities bearing the brunt of recent voter suppression efforts.

Watchdog slams Duke Energy's 'sweetheart deal' for NC coal ash contamination

Sue Sturgis
Democracy North Carolina criticizes the $99,000 fine that's part of the proposed settlement between the utility giant and state regulators over water contamination from its coal-fired power plants as "piddling" while raising concerns about the company's political influence and close ties to Gov. Pat McCrory.

NC poll finds support for voter ID drops with more information about alternatives, impact of laws

Chris Kromm
Most surveys on voter ID ask only if voters support or oppose it. But what happens if you ask them about voter ID's potential impact on certain voters, and whether they support less strict alternatives?