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Report: Thousands of North Carolinians disenfranchised last year by restrictive new election law

Alex Kotch
A new study from the watchdog group Democracy North Carolina estimates that tens of thousands of would-be voters were prevented from casting ballots or having them count in last year's elections due to a restrictive voting law passed in 2013. The law is being challenged in federal court, with arguments set to begin next month.

How are charitable nonprofits getting away with election-season political ads?

Alex Kotch
501(c)(3) nonprofits are not supposed to get involved in supporting or opposing political candidates -- yet such groups spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads criticizing specific candidates during the North Carolina election this year. Are they breaking the law or just pushing it to its limits?

After Supreme Court setback, NC advocates press on to protect voting rights

Evan Walker-Wells
The nation's highest court has decided to allow North Carolina's restrictive new election law to take effect this year, reversing a lower court's ruling. In response, voting-rights advocates are carrying on with grassroots voter registration and protection efforts while continuing to challenge the law in the courts.

NC 'monster' election law disenfranchised more than 450 primary voters, report finds

Sue Sturgis
An analysis by a voting rights watchdog found that 454 North Carolina citizens who would have been able to successfully cast ballots in previous elections had their votes discounted in this year's primary because of the state's new election law -- and those affected were disproportionately African Americans and Democrats.

After loss in court, NC voting rights activists turn attention to mobilizing in the streets

Sue Sturgis
Last week a federal judge denied a request to block North Carolina's restrictive new voting law from being enforced for this November's election. Voting rights activists say they'll redouble efforts to register African-American voters and help them turn out, with a mass voting rights rally planned for Raleigh on Aug. 28 -- the 51st anniversary of the March on Washington.