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INVESTIGATION: 'Socially conscious' Democratic lobby firm working for Wal-Mart to kill labor bill

April 24, 2009 - In the world of cut-throat Washington lobbying, Virginia-based D & P Creative Strategies wants you to think they're different. The slogan of the small firm - which proudly states on its website that it's "100% minority and woman-owned" - is "Consulting with a Social Conscience." As if to separate themselves from the image of the mercenary, anything-for-the-money culture of K Street, the company instead projects an image of mission-based lobbying with values:

Still no evidence that card check will increase unemployment

March 19, 2009 - Facing South has been tracking claims in the media that passage of the Employee Free Choice Act will allegedly lead to a dramatic increase in unemployment. Along with the charge that EFCA would "end secret ballots," this is one of the main charges that opponents of the labor bill are making so it's important to follow the debate.