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Exploding FEMA trailers

By R. Neal
April 13, 2006 - At least two trailers provided by FEMA for Katrina disaster relief have exploded as a result of suspected propane leaks. The most recent incident seriously injured one of the occupants.

New rules for New Orleans homes

By R. Neal
April 13, 2006 - FEMA released long-awaited guidelines yesterday regarding repairs and new construction of homes in flood-prone areas of Louisiana:

Help save New Orleans public health care

March 17, 2006 - As we document in our report, "The Mardi Gras Index" (pdf), one of the key barriers to rebuilding in New Orleans is the decimation of the city's health care system. Here are some of the facts: 1) There were 22 hospitals in Orleans Parish before the 2005 hurricanes; only seven remain.