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Follow-up questions on the Katrina report

February 18, 2006 - A number of readers have written to ask about our reaction to the 379-page House report on Katrina released last Wednesday. I've been slowly sifting through the details of the report, and here are some brief thoughts and reactions:

More revelations of Massive Federal Incompetence

By R. Neal
February 14, 2006 - Chris posted yesterday that forced evictions have begun for thousands of Katrina evacuees previously being housed in hotels and motels after FEMA cut off any further funding. He also mentioned the Hope Arkansas trailers.

Follow up on Lease 181

By R. Neal
February 9, 2006 - Chris reported yesterday on Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco's newly found leverage in Washington, namely the state's say so regarding new offshore drilling.

Blanco has Washington over the barrel

February 9, 2006 - Those who follow the politics of rebuilding in Louisiana -- and many, frankly, have given up after months of false starts and neglect -- have found reason to get excited this week.

The Twenty-Point Plan

By R. Neal
February 2, 2006 - Dr. Robert D. Bullard, Director of the Environmental Justice Resource Center at Clark Atlanta University, says there is a twenty-point plan to "destroy black New Orleans":

The right-wing fraud about race and Katrina

January 28, 2006 - Earlier this month, right-wing pundit John Leo -- columnist for U.S News and World Report, syndicated to newspapers nation-wide -- wrote a piece that would be forgettable if it didn't echo a growing sentiment on the right about Hurricane Katrina and issues of race in America.

Congress discovers problems in Gulf Coast

January 22, 2006 - The Associated Press had a story yesterday about how many Congress-folk had actually been to the Gulf Coast to witness the wreckage and progress of rebuilding. Warning: for anyone who cares about what's happening down there, it will bring your blood to slow boil: