Why did people die in New Orleans?

December 21, 2005 - In case you missed it, one of the more astounding moments in last week's Congressional hearings about Hurricane Katrina was seeing a series of Republican lawmakers claim that Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco was personally responsible for the 1,086 known to have died in the storm.

Dear France:

By R. Neal
December 13, 2005 - Posted by R. Neal A New Orleans resident and homeowner wants to renegotiate the Louisiana Purchase...

100 days, part II

December 9, 2005 - When meeting with community leaders and grassroots activists in New Orleans, you hear several themes again and again:

100 days

December 8, 2005 - The New York Times marked yesterday as the 100-day anniversary of Hurricane Katrina striking the Gulf Coast; here in Louisiana, the New Orleans Times-Picayune is honoring the occasion today, seeing the starting point of the disaster as the fateful Monday when the flood waters started roaring into the city.

En route to New Orleans

December 7, 2005 - By car and plane, the Facing South/Institute team is now making its way to New Orleans for some first-hand coverage of developments in the post-hurricane Gulf.