martin luther king

Remembering King's dream

August 28, 2008 - Today marks the 45th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech, spoken at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Dr. King gave his landmark speech during the March on Washington for jobs, justice and civil rights before a crowd of more than 250,000 people.

Remembering Rev. James 'Shackdaddy' Orange

March 3, 2008 - An excerpt of a 1981 Southern Exposure interview with civil rights organizer James Orange, who talks about how he got his nickname, the importance of freedom songs to the movement, and his later work with gangs in Chicago. Orange passed in away in February 2008 at age 65.

The Day the Dream was Deferred

April 4, 2005 - On April 4, 1968, a shot rang through a throng of striking garbage workers in Memphis, Tennessee. Who fired the gun is still being debated, but the result is not: Martin Luther King, Jr., was killed at the young age of 39 on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel.