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Southern newspapers weigh in on Iraq anniversary

March 19, 2008 - As the Institute has documented again and again, the South is the region most linked to, and most impacted by, the Iraq war and U.S. foreign policy. Southern states provide more of the troops, are home to more bases, and draw more military contracts than any other region of the country.

EPA investigating radioactive waste dumping at N.C.'s Camp Lejeune

July 11, 2007 - Last month federal investigators disclosed that Marine Corps families who lived at North Carolina's Camp Lejeune for over three decades were exposed to dangerously high levels of toxic chemicals in the water supply. Now it turns out a new toxic threat has been discovered at the oceanside base.

Poisoned patriots: North Carolina's toxic marine base

June 13, 2007 - In a recent debate on North Carolina Public Radio, N.C. Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue (D) insisted that there are "no downsides" to her plan of expanding military bases and defense industries in the state. I disagreed, citing the Institute's recent report North Carolina at War, which documents the social, economic and other costs of being "the most military-friendly state in the nation."

Don't miss the Institute on "The State of Things"

May 10, 2007 - We had a spirited discussion today on "The State of Things," North Carolina Public Radio's popular public affairs show, about military business in North Carolina. Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue -- who recently launched the North Carolina Military Foundation -- started off with an interview where she extolled the benefits of luring more defense dollars to North Carolina (even saying she didn't see "any" downsides or social costs to it).

Rising casualties "terrify" North Carolina base town

April 27, 2007 - In five weeks, the 5th Squadron, 73rd Cavalry of the 82nd Airborne, based at North Carolina's Fort Bragg, has lost 18 soldiers in Iraq. The squadron went into Diyala province with 330 troops. Now, the casualties have some so quickly and so fast that, as Kara Honbarger -- wife of a deployed squadron chaplain and mother of three -- told the Raleigh News & Observer, "we get nervous when the doorbell rings."

Veteran scandals hit the South

March 14, 2007 - Shocking stories of the "shameful" treatment of veteran soldiers are reverberating across the country, but it hits an especially sore nerve in the South. As the Institute has shown in several reports, military bases and production have shifted South, and the region's share of veterans has also dramatically grown.