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Pauli Murray documentary shines light on an overlooked trailblazer

Elisha Brown

Facing South interviewed co-director Julie Cohen and producer and writer Talleah Bridges McMahon, two creators behind "My Name is Pauli Murray," a new documentary that details the triumphs and struggles of the groundbreaking civil rights and feminist lawyer and advocate who was raised in Durham, North Carolina.

Organizers predict strong youth voter turnout in 2020 election

Benjamin Barber

Following protests against police brutality, growing anxiety over COVID-19, and now a concerted effort by Republican leaders to strengthen the Supreme Court's conservative majority, polls are showing that young voters plan to turn out in record numbers this election cycle. We look at youth voter organizing underway in a key Southern swing state.

Groups mobilize to pay off legal debts, restore ex-felons' voting rights in Florida

Benjamin Barber

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently upheld a Florida law requiring people with felony convictions to pay off all court fines and fees before they can cast ballots again, so voting rights advocates are redoubling efforts to raise funds to help the indigent.

Supreme Court affirms 'one person, one vote' in Texas case but leaves opening for states to change that

Allie Yee

In a major voting rights case, the Supreme Court affirmed Texas’ right to draw state legislative districts based on total population rather than eligible voters. But whether states can choose to use voter population instead — and tip the balance of political power— remains an open question.