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Ken Lawrence, 42, is a writer and activist living in Jackson, Mississippi. He is a long-time friend of the Institute for Southern Studies. Dick Harger, 50, teaches psychology at Jackson State University. Both have been friends of Eddie Sandifer for many years. (1985)

Ken Lawrence, formerly staff writer for the Southern Patriot, is a long-time Mississippi activist, researcher, and writer. The two italicized interviews included here originally appeared in the Southern Patriot, the old SCEF newspaper, in 1972. They were conducted by Ken Lawrence. (1983)

Ken Lawrence is a member of Jacksonians United for Livable Energy Policies (JULEP) and former director of the American Friends Service Committee’s Mississippi Surveillance Project. (1979)

Ken Lawrence is a staff writer for the Southern Patriot, the monthly newspaper published by the Southern Conference Education Fund (SCEF), Louisville, Kentucky. “The Roots of Class Struggle in the South,” a paper on labor history presented in May, 1973, to a SCEF Labor Workshop, and a bibliography on southern labor history can be obtained from him at P.O. Box 5174, Jackson, Mississippi 39216. (1974)

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