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Taking policy to the grassroots

November 29, 2006 - For all the talk in politics about "listening to voters" and "mobilizing the grassroots," people who have worked at both the public policy and grassroots community levels know that there is a vast divide between the two worlds.

Future of Music Coalition to meet this weekend in New Orleans

November 3, 2006 - The Future of Music Coalition -- a national nonprofit that aims to find creative solutions to challenges involving music and technology -- will gather in New Orleans from Friday, Nov. 3 through Monday, Nov. 6. The meeting hopes to shine a light on continuing post-storm reconstruction efforts in the city's musical community.

Shut up and advertise

October 30, 2006 - Outspoken pop country artists the Dixie Chicks continue to stir up political controversy, with two TV networks refusing to air a commercial for a new film documenting the uproar that ensued after singer Natalie Maines spoke critically of President Bush during an overseas concert.

Fishin' for the blues

October 27, 2006 - Betcha goin' fishin' all of your time, baby's goin' fishin', too Bet your life, your sweet life, catch more fish than you Many fish bites if ya got good bait Here's a little tip I would like to relate Big fish bites if ya got a good bait I 'a goin fishin' Yes, I'm goin fishin'

Suburbs: Bad for the pocketbook

October 13, 2006 - One of the "big trends" of the South since World War II was the shift from a rural, farm-based culture to an urban one. And where urban areas were created, suburbs soon followed. In recent years, suburban growth has slowed nationally, but it's still on the march in the South.

The South, God and politics

October 3, 2006 - The Raleigh News & Observer ran an interesting set of stories this weekend about faith in the South, which offered some revealing insights into how faith and politics mingle in the region.

Willie Nelson

By R. Neal
September 7, 2006 - Paul Newman has socially conscious salad dressing and salsa. Ben and Jerry have socially conscious ice cream. Now, there is a Willie Nelson branded socially conscious diesel fuel.