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Energy and Environment

Big Oil -- on the defensive?

November 9, 2005 - The Senate hearings on soaring corporate oil profits are now underway, and -- in what may be a first for the energy industry during this administration -- Reuters reports that they are on the defensive:

Ark. Beebe pushes "state's rights" over environment

November 4, 2005 - Arkansas Attorney General Mike Beebe, a Democrat who is running for governor, has asked the Supreme Court to "stop the State of Oklahoma from attempting to impose Oklahoma laws upon Arkansas farmers and poultry companies," according to a press release from Beebe's office.

How Big Energy did Georgia

October 31, 2005 - As consumers ponder reports that Big Energy may be "forced" to drive up heating costs this winter, here's a story of what one utility did with the money another time they jacked up prices. From yesterday's Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Time to rein in Big Oil

October 28, 2005 - The NY Times has a story today headlined "Big Rise in Profit Puts Oil Giants on Defensive," which shows how hard times at the gas pump for ordinary folks means good times for oil execs: