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Why is the White House aiding and abetting lawbreaking by coal plants?

Sue Sturgis
A new report from environmental groups documents widespread disregard for the Clean Water Act by electric utilities -- and an effort by the White House Office of Management and Budget to dilute proposed EPA rules trying to curb the industry's water pollution problem.

Four years after Tennessee tragedy, politicians are blocking federal oversight of coal ash

Sue Sturgis
Dec. 22 marks four years since a coal ash impoundment collapsed at a TVA power plant in Tennessee, inundating a community and two rivers. As EPA drags its feet over issuing federal coal ash rules, politicians backed by industry interests are maneuvering to block the agency's ability to protect people and the environment -- even though their states have been adversely affected by poor regulation.

Who's behind petition opposing coal ash regulation with hundreds of bogus Chinese names?

Sue Sturgis
An analysis of Chinese names on a petition urging the Obama administration to oppose strict regulations for toxic coal ash reveals hundreds of bogus monikers including "Big Steamed Bun" and "Come to China Donkey." Who's behind the petition, and what big energy interests are they fronting for?