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Nikki Haley's troubled economic record in South Carolina

Chris Kromm

As a young, popular governor and the child of immigrants, it's easy to see why the GOP tapped Gov. Haley to rebut President Obama's final State of the Union address. But back home she's under mounting criticism for an economic development approach that gives millions in incentives to companies for low-paying jobs that trap families in poverty.

#BlackWorkersMatter: Confronting race and building a better movement for economic justice

Chris Kromm

The Great Recession took a disproportionate toll on African-American workers, especially in the South. Efforts are underway to address the labor movement’s history of racism and to organize workers of color across the region and beyond.

Organizing for a true reconstruction in the Gulf Coast: An interview with labor leader Saket Soni

Allie Yee

On the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans labor leader Saket Soni reflects on the progress that workers have won in the city and what lies ahead to achieve a true reconstruction in the Gulf Coast.

FLASHBACK: The Charleston Five and the black struggle for justice

Chris Kromm

Fifteen years ago, the case of the Charleston Five brought international attention to the struggles of black workers in the South. The South Carolina dock workers have continued to be a vital community force, including serving as a meeting ground for the local Black Lives Matter movement.