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GOP state attorneys general spread election lies that fueled Capitol riot

Sue Sturgis

The Republican Attorneys General Association, currently led by Chairman Chris Carr of Georgia and Policy Chair Steve Marshall of Alabama, is under fire for its role in amplifying false claims of presidential election fraud. We look at the group's history and its corporate funders — some of whom are now reconsidering their support.

Workers say Arkansas' poultry giants aren't protecting them from COVID-19

Olivia Paschal Rolando Zenteno

As President Trump pledges action to shield meatpacking companies from liability for sickened workers, employees of two major poultry-processing companies in Arkansas say Tyson and George's aren't doing enough to keep them safe in the pandemic.

Koch Industries tops list of water polluters spending big on politics

Sue Sturgis
With a fight underway in Congress over protecting more U.S. waterways from industrial pollution, Environment America has issued a report looking at the millions of dollars spent on politics each year by polluters. Besides the Kansas-based oil and chemical giant, other big-spending polluters include Southern meat processors and an energy company.

Inside the Tyson Foods Empire

Chris Kromm
Last week, Tyson Foods -- the Arkansas-based poultry and meatpacking conglomerate -- announced a $1.5 million settlement with the SEC for making "misleading or inadquate disclosures" about payments and perks showered on top executives, especially former senior chairman Don Tyson.