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Goodbye, boll weevil

December 28, 2007 - Well, I saw the bo weavil, Lord, a-circle in the air Next time I seed him, Lord, he had his family there Bo weavil told the farmer that "I 'tain't got ticket fare" Sucks all the blossom and leave your hedges square Bo weavil, bo weavil, where your native home? "Most anywhere they raise cotton and corn"

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December 21, 2007 - Today we sent out an appeal for those interested in supporting our work at the Institute. We've since learned our online donation system is being buggy -- if you run into that problem, you can mail your tax-deductible contribution to ISS, PO Box 531, Durham, NC 27702. Thanks -- we hope to get it fixed soon!UPDATE : Problem fixed!

Dollywood Values

By R. Neal
December 6, 2007 - This recent Economist article about Dollywood is making the Tennessee blog rounds. It's a somewhat amusing look at Southern/Appalachian culture from a British/European point of view. Characterizing Dolly Parton as the "backwoods Barbie", the article observes: