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Civil Rights Movement Veterans

By R. Neal
June 5, 2007 - I recently received a press release regarding an upcoming 43rd Annual Mississippi Civil Rights Martyrs Memorial Service and Conference and Caravan for Justice. About the event:

Duke rape case inspires racist pseudo-science

April 19, 2007 - Having been warned about stepping into the tempest that is the blogospheric discussion of the Duke lacrosse rape case, I can't say I'm surprised that my writing about it has drawn angry comments to Facing South. Though I don't plan to cover the case extensively going forward, there are some comments that I'd like to address before moving on.

Who is 'using tragedy'?

April 18, 2007 - After the horrifying killings at Virginia Tech yesterday, this morning I flicked around the radio dial to see what the professional talkers had to say on the matter.

More comments on the Duke lacrosse rape scandal

April 16, 2007 - Anyone who's followed the reaction to the Duke lacrosse rape case in the blogosphere knows that it's occasionally brought out the worst in human nature: racism, misogyny, classism, and a general viciousness, all aided and abetted by people's ability to speak their piece without revealing their identity.

More evidence emerges in Attorneygate-Little Rock

March 23, 2007 - We wrote two weeks ago about one of the more startling examples of cronyism to emerge from the U.S. attorney scandal now engulfing Washington: the brazen move to replace Arkansas' Eastern District attorney Bud Cummins with Karl Rove's chosen replacement, J. Timothy Griffin.

Exciting plans afoot ...

March 9, 2007 - Over the last few months, we've left hints here and there about the exciting plans we have in store for Facing South and the Institute's media program.