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INSTITUTE INDEX: Countering the cruel politics of anti-transgender bills

Sue Sturgis

As trans youth face a crisis of harassment, violence, and trauma, Republican politicians up for reelection in Texas and other states are launching misleading attacks on them and their families in a blatant attempt to stir up the party's base and win votes. Legal and human rights advocates and the Biden administration are taking steps to protect the lives of these vulnerable young Americans as others press for boycotts.

Florida farmworkers call for Wendy's boycott over fair-food fight

Sue Sturgis

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers is escalating its battle over the fast-food chain's refusal to participate in a program to protect farmworkers' human rights: It's declaring a national boycott and launching a protest tour with marches outside the company chairman's homes in Manhattan and Palm Beach, Florida.

Art Pope vs. cooperative economics: Who will save Raleigh's food desert?

Sue Sturgis
Now that he's stepping down as North Carolina's budget director, conservative kingmaker Art Pope will have more time to devote to his discount retail company, which recently announced controversial plans to open a grocery in a historic black Raleigh neighborhood that's also a food desert. But Pope may face competition from a food cooperative offering a dramatically different business model.

Kellogg's delivers Memphis a slap in the face

Labor Notes

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis while speaking out for striking sanitation workers. The civil rights community is once again rallying behind struggling workers in the city -- this time, union employees who were locked out of the Kellogg cereal factory, where the workforce is majority African-American.

NC judge tosses law that represented GOP revenge against public school employees

Sue Sturgis
A judge has ruled that a law passed by the Republican-controlled legislature to punish the N.C. Association of Educators by barring it from collecting dues through payroll deduction represents unconstitutional "retaliatory viewpoint discrimination."