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minimum wage

Virginia rejects minimum wage hike

By R. Neal
February 9, 2006 - From the Washington Post, the Virginia legislature rejected a proposed state minimum wage increase to $6.15 per hour, leaving the current federal minimum wage standard of $5.15 in place.

Wal-Mart steps up PR offensive, supports minimum wage hike

October 26, 2005 - Just a day after unveiling a new "low cost" health insurance plan for its employees (which includes, critics note, a $1,000 deductible), Arkansas-based Wal-Mart came out with another startling revelation, noted in today's Wall Street Journal news roundup via Arkansas Daily Blog: Taking on critics of its treatment of employees while acknowledging the needs of working-class customers, Wal-Mart Stores Chief Executive Lee Scott, called on Congress to consider raising the minimum wage.