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Just how extreme is North Carolina's new Lt. Governor?

December 7, 2012 - A proponent of abolishing the minimum wage and corporate income taxes, Dan Forest is quite likely the most conservative statewide elected official in North Carolina. But his work with a nonprofit that criticizes retailer Sears for promoting pornography by showing photos of women in lingerie crosses the line into wacky.

The South gets a pay raise

By R. Neal
July 24, 2007 - Thousands of workers in Mississippi got a pay raise today. No, the state did not pass a new minimum wage law. Nor did Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, or Louisiana. Instead, Congress made good on one of their "first 100 hours" pledges, and the new federal minimum wage of $5.85 per hour goes into effect as of today.

TN minimum wage update

By R. Neal
May 26, 2006 - After numerous delays over the past few weeks, it appears the Tennessee House may finally be voting on the minimum wage bill. It was scheduled for a vote yesterday in both the House and the Senate, but was postponed again until today. It now appears that the House is voting on several amendments at this moment, indicating that a vote on the bill could be imminent. More details as they emerge... UPDATE: The minimum wage increase has passed in the Tennessee House of Representatives, 52 to 43. Still waiting for a Senate vote...

TN votes on wage hike; it's good business

May 24, 2006 - The Tennessee legislature will vote today on whether to boost the minimum wage, joining several others states (including North Carolina) seeking to shore up the federal wage floor which languished nationally since 1997.