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Offshore drilling fight shifts from the Atlantic to the Gulf

Sue Sturgis

A week after the Obama administration canceled plans to auction off an oil and gas lease in the Atlantic, an auction of 43 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico was disrupted by hundreds of protesters chanting, "Shut it down!" The winning bids came to just $156 million, the fourth-lowest total since 1983.

Florida farmworkers call for Wendy's boycott over fair-food fight

Sue Sturgis

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers is escalating its battle over the fast-food chain's refusal to participate in a program to protect farmworkers' human rights: It's declaring a national boycott and launching a protest tour with marches outside the company chairman's homes in Manhattan and Palm Beach, Florida.

N.C. voting rights fight moves from the courtroom to the streets

Sue Sturgis
After the federal trial over North Carolina's restrictive voter ID law wrapped up this week, voting rights advocates turned their attention to preparing for a Feb. 13 mass march on Raleigh where organizers will mobilize volunteers to help with voter registration, education and protection.

Charleston workers bring Fight for $15 agenda to South Carolina Democratic debate

Kerry Taylor
Echoing a tactic used in the civil rights struggle, more than 1,000 low-wage workers rallied outside the Democratic presidential debate in Charleston, South Carolina this week, calling for a sweeping agenda including fair pay, union rights and an end to discriminatory policing.

Civil rights martyr's family sends letter of encouragement to NC voting rights marchers

Sue Sturgis
As voting rights supporters rallied for the opening of the federal trial over North Carolina's restrictive election law, they got words of encouragement from David Goodman, brother of a civil rights volunteer murdered in Mississippi in 1964.

'This is our Selma': Prayers, marches, teach-ins planned as NC voting restrictions go on trial

Sue Sturgis
A federal trial starts this week over a restrictive voting law North Carolina lawmakers passed two years ago after the Supreme Court struck down a key provision of the Voting Rights Act. People from across North Carolina and beyond will gather outside the courthouse in Winston-Salem to pray, educate and march for voting rights at a moment organizers liken to the 1965 Selma to Montgomery marches.

INSTITUTE INDEX: Momentum builds in the Fight for $15

Allie Yee
While major corporations like Walmart and McDonald's have recently taken steps to boost some workers' pay, tens of thousands took to the streets this week calling for a real livable wage. In what organizers have said was the largest demonstration yet, fast-food workers, child care providers, adjunct university faculty and others rose up in the Fight for $15.