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INSTITUTE INDEX: North Carolina's weak new coal ash law draws protest

Sue Sturgis
North Carolina has passed the nation's first state law regulating coal ash, but it's being met with protests for not doing enough to protect public health and the environment -- and for placing oversight in the hands of political appointees in a state where Duke Energy is a major campaign financier.

Sit-ins planned for final Moral Monday of NC legislative session

Sue Sturgis
As the North Carolina legislative session draws to a close, Moral Monday organizers are planning a mass protest on June 23 involving sit-ins and teach-ins inside the legislative building to begin the voter mobilization work leading up to the Nov. 4 election.

The growing fight against oil and gas exploration off the NC coast

Sue Sturgis
Even as Gov. Pat McCrory grapples with the Duke Energy coal ash disaster, he's pushing for another dirty energy interest to have access to the state's waters. While his plan is winning support from the Obama administration, he faces opposition in coastal communities back home.

From Selma to Raleigh: Moral Movement readies for mass march on NC capitol

Sue Sturgis
The North Carolina people's movement that led to over 900 arrests during nonviolent protests at the legislature last year is readying for a mass march on the state capitol this Saturday -- its first big public action in a pivotal election year.

Moral Monday movement spreads through the South

Sue Sturgis
The people's movement against political extremism in North Carolina government is spreading to other states in the region, with similar protests planned for next week in Georgia and South Carolina. Meanwhile, North Carolina activists are gearing up for more protests and litigation as elections approach.